Beneath the Underground: The Flight to Freedom. Icons used in advertisements for runaway slaves by the Planter's Advocate (P.G. Co., ca. 1850s)
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  • Anne Arundel County District 2
    Simon J. Martenet, Map of Anne Arundel County, 1860, Library of Congress, MSA SC 1213-1-117

    Simon J. Martenet, Map of Anne Arundel County, 1860, Library of Congress, MSA SC 1213-1-117
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    Childs, Jos. Cecil, Owen Sheckells, F. Warfield, L. Hammond, C.V. Hammond, Dr. T.W. Miller, Geo. Anderson, Richard Hodges, Ramsey Woodward, R.D. Woodward, R.D. Grandall, Thomas Williams, B. Baldwin, Jas. Shipley Cadle, Jas. Randall, Alex. Baldwin, WIlliam H. Boswell, F. Rice, William Owens Stinchcomb, William Whitney, Milton (of Baltimore) Carter Carr, R.H. Meek Randall, A. Gidding, Major Dodson Whitwright, Wesley Franklin, Geo. Brown, Henry Brown, Thomas Owens, H. Dodson, Robert M. Worthington, N.B. Worthington, George F. Brogden, Cinderella Fowler, Rev. Mr. Howison, J.R. Hopkins, H. Hammond, Dr. G. Tydings, Lewis Meade, Brooke Fowler, Rev. Wells, Geo. Sellman, R. Lusby, Benjamin Worthington, B. Worthington, Chas. Ball Dorsey, Essex Welch, J.C. Yewell, Thomas Anderson, A. Anderson, William Miller, Peter Tongue, Thomas Gantt, Dr. Owens, O. Welch, Richard Brian, J. Duvall, Daniel Gray, Jas. Lusby, Elie Teigler, C. Severe, Mrs. Waters, Chas. Pinkney, J. Cowman, Fred. Mackabin, Dr. Wood, Lieut. Taylor, E.C. Brewer, Honorable N. Walton, Col. J. Murray, J. Brewer, Honorable N. Tuck, Honorable W.H. Welch, C.S. Randall, Jno. Murdock, Mrs. Howard, J.C. (of Cecil Co.) Barber Wells, Geo. Stockett, Frank H. Claude, E.G. Allen, J.W. Welch, Dr. Prather, William O. Tucker, Jno. Duvall, Jas. Dorsey, Essex Tarman, Mrs. Worthington, N.I. Seyble, Tilghman Duvall, S. Claude, H. Sheckles Wells, Wilson Scott Steel, Henry Duvall, Kitty Rollin (heirs) Harwood and Mr. Blair Chase, Miss H. Hazard, L.S. Stewart, J. Webb, R. Clagett, Albert Jones, Jos. F. Linthicum, Jno. Frantine Drury, Caroline Hardy, Levin Hodges, Chas. Howard, A.B. Gaither, Benjamin W. Howard, T.C.B. Beam, Stephen Kent, Thomas R. Kent, Dr. D. Harwood, Chapm. Welch, Thomas Watkins, Dr. Benjamin Falton, J. Claggett, J. Hodges, Thomas Beard, Thomas, R. Beard, Jo[mutilated] Hopkins, Jas. Magruder, Mrs. Hodges, Jno. T. Beard, Thomas R. Beard, Thomas R. Nicholson, Jos. Hall, A.A. Linthicum, Joseph Hopkins, Richard Linthicum, Miss E. Linthicum, J. Turtons, W.H. Hodges, Dr. Cooksey, Richard Claytor, G.D. Anderson, Mrs. Waters, Chas. (Mill) Duvall, Barton Nichols, B.H. Rollins, J. Ford Hawkins Cadle, Richard Linthicum, Dr. Duvall, Dr. M.M. Linthicum Duvall, Barton Duvall, Beale Carter, J. Higgins, R.W. Conway, E.R. Sanford, J. Higgins Blacksmith Shop near Millersville Store & Post Office Millersville Academy Annapolis & Elk Ridge Rail Road Crownsville Owens, O (Post Office & Store) School House No. 12 Store West of Crownsville Episcopal Church Blacksmith Shop SW of Crownsville Mount Tabor Methodist Church School House No. 10 School House No. 9 Store South of Sch. No. 10 Saw Mill North Run Governor's Bridge Mill NE of Gov. Bridge School House No. 43 Mill near Sch No. 43 Girault School House No. 55 Steam Saw Mill West of Annapolis School House No. 11 Crabb's Creek Aberdeen Creek Harness Creek Taylorsville Annapolis Brewer Creek Steam Saw Mill East of Crownsville Reisinger East of Crownsville Howard's Creek Salt Pan Creek Camden Creek Gingerwell Creek Plumb Creek Valentine Creek Brown's Landing Blacksmith Shop East of Millersville Sabbath School Parsonage Methodist Episcopal Curch Little Round Bay Fishery Creek Round Bay (Between 2nd & 3rd District) Little Point Swan Point St. Helena Island Arnold Point Aisquith Creek Brewer Point Cedar Point Cook's Point Gower Point Clements Creek Horn Point Spa Creek Greensberry Point Tally's Point Thomas Point (near Light House) Light House (near Thomas Point) Light House (near Greensberry Point) Severn River Oyster Creek Rock Creek Sullivan's Cove Ringold Cove Severn Ferry Indian Landing