Beneath the Underground: The Flight to Freedom. Icons used in advertisements for runaway slaves by the Planter's Advocate (P.G. Co., ca. 1850s)
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  • Baltimore City
    Fielding Lucas, Jr., Plan of the City of Baltimore, 1836, MSA SC 5339-7-372
    1865 Simon J. Martenet Map of Baltimore City     1935 A. Hoen & Co. Map of Baltimore City

    Fielding Lucas, Jr., Plan of the City of Baltimore, 1836, MSA SC 5339-7-37
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    North West Street Presbury Street Baker Street Presstman Street Lorman Street Cooke Street Winchester Street Tenant Street Mosher Street Catholic Burying Ground Townsend Street Lanvale Street Adams Street Pulaski Street Payson Monroe Fulton Mount Street Gilmor Street Stricker Street Calhoun Street Carey Street Republican Street Thompson Street Franklin Street Mulberry Street W. Saratoga Street West Lexington Street West Fayette Street Dr. Stewarts West Baltimore Street Hollins Street Goodloe Street West Pratt Street Frederick Avenue Smallwood Street Bentalou Street Herkimer Street Scammel Street Stuben Street Warrington Street Sullivan Street Carrolton Viaduct Manokin Street Putnam Street Clare Street Toll Gate Gwinn's Falls (Gwynns Falls) Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Baltimore Co. Furnace Carroll Square South Baltimore Railroad Coulhoun Street Cumberland Street Baker Street Gold Street Bloom Street Presstman Street Cove Street Pennsylvania Street Robert Street Laurens Street Wilson Street Western Market Walsh Street Chatsworth Street Division Street Mosher Street Ross McCulloch Street Madison Street Gibson Street Garden Street Bolton Street Grundy Street North Avenue West John Street Oliver Street Ehn Street Cathedral Street Townsend Street Lanvale Street Etting Street Dolphin Street Hoffman Street Preston Street Wandsbeck Street Schroeder Street Pierce Street Glenn Poppleton Street Scott Street Parkin Street McHenry Street Ramsay Street Cole Street Eagle Street McDonough Street Rutledge Street Chatham Street Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Ridgely Street Perry Street Warner Street Russell Street Severn Street Wicomico Street Sassafras Street Nanticocke Street carroll Street Washington Avenue Elk Street Gunpowder Street Bush Street Bayard Street Wooster Street Stockholm Street Baltiomre & Ohio Railroad Outer Depot Cross Street Washington Turnpike Columbia Street German Lutheran Saint Peter Street German Reformed Saint Peters Church Baptist Potters Field Howard Street Russell Street Kerry Street Stockholm Street Wagner Street Biddle Street Orchard Street Saint Marys Street Ross Street Saint Marys College Eutaw Street Richmond Market Garden Street Howard Street Richmond Street North Howard Street Read Street East Eager Street West Madison Street West Monument Street West Centre Stret East Centre Street Brune Street Ogston Street George Street Chatsworth Street West Saratoga Street Pearl Street West Lexington Street Vine Street West Fayette Mulberry Street Franklin Street West Baltimore Stret Great German Street West Pratt Street Lombard Street Portland Street Haw Street Camden Street Conway Street Barre Street Conway Street Warner Street South Greene Street Barre Street Lee Street Lee Street Montgomery Street Henrietta Street State Warehouse Ostend Street Eutaw Street Ridgely Street Hamburg Street Cross Street Sharp Street Cove Street Eutaw Street First Presbyterian Church Greene Street Paca Street West Saratoga Steet Amity Street Cove Street Howard Street Liberty Street Little Pleasant Street Pleasant Street Waggon Alley North Sharp Street Butch Alley Hamilton Street East Chase Street Oak Street Decker Street North Charles Street Saint Paul Street North Calvert Street East Hoffman Street East John Street East Biddle Street East Lanvale Street East Federal Street East Oliver Street Calvert Street Bath Street Courtland Street Barnes Street Lexington Street West Fayette Street East Fayette Street South Sharp Street Little German Street Hanover Street Little Barclay Street Truxton Street Constitution Street Belvidere Street East Saratoga Street Mercer Street Charles Street Second Street East Water Street West Water Street Light Street Commerce Street Spears Wharf Hill Street Great Hughes Street Great Montgomery Street Warren Street Hamburg Street York Street Convington Street Light Street Cross Street Ostend Street Clement Street Leadenhall Street Fort Street Race Street Randall Street Heath Street Barney Street Wells Street Winder Street McComas Street Donaldson Street Moale Street Jephson Street Cromwell Street kelso Street Hammond Street Dorsey Street Ferry Street Hanover Street Charles Street Marshal Street Byrd Street Johnson Street Henry Street Covington Street Jackson Street Gates Street Powder Magazine Webster Street Boyle Street Saint Lawerence Street Ludlow Street Allen Street Porter Street Bowly Gay Street Frederick Street Saint Paul Street Grant Street Saint Paul Street Holliday Street East Townsend Street Great Barclay Street Colt Street McKim Street Valley Street Ensor Street Aisquith Street York Avenue Neighbour Street Harford Street Beuren Street East Baltimore Street Harrison Street Pitt Street Jail Penitentiary (City Jail) Brogden, Abraham Matthews, Ann Little, Wiliam Smith, Henry Brown, Thomas Brown, Rebecca