Beneath the Underground: The Flight to Freedom. Icons used in advertisements for runaway slaves by the Planter's Advocate (P.G. Co., ca. 1850s)
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  • Cecil County District 7
    Simon J. Martenet, Map of Cecil County, 1858, Library of Congress, MSA SC 1213-1-462

    Simon J. Martenet, Map of Cecil County, 1858, Library of Congress, MSA SC 1213-1-462
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    Jeffrey, Thomas Cooley, Corbyn Gillispie, Jas. Clark, Mrs. Griffith, William Broughton, Mrs. P.C. Griffith, Richard Cooley, C. Horner, George Way, Jas. Harris, William Way, Jas. Harris, Mrs. Griffith, William Evans, Dr. (of Havre de Grace) Graham, Jas. Gibson, William Wright, Hugh Glacken, E. Hill, Samuel Hodge, George Tammany, William Ramsey, R. & G. Logan, J. (Blacksmith) Heston, D. Pomremny, S. Gray, Jas. Wilmer, Edwin Rowland, W.L. Marshall, Theo. Harris, Elisha Harris, E. Rowland, Madison Kidd (Estate) Montgomery, Robert Stubbins, Jos. Kidd, G. (Estate) Kidd, G. (Estate) Broughton, Robert Rawlings, Mar. Warwick, Jno. Howard, Eillis P. Bond, Harry (Colored) Archibald, W.W. (Carpenter) Rawlings, Marion Wilmer, Edwin Townsend, Mrs. Kelley, Ed. Kelley, Samuel Harris, William Foster, Samuel Ray, Dav. Ray, Dav. Williams, T. Foster, Nat. Brown, Sar. Jeho Scot, Samuel Foster, Mrs. Leah Brown, Elisha Campbell, Jno. Weir, Jno. Jenness, Dav. Campbell, Jno. Fisher, Samuel Rutter, J.T. Rutter, Jno. T. Linton, Greenb. Brown, Mrs. S. Harlan, Asa Haines, Samuel Boyd, Fran Gay, M. Whittaker, Samuel Gay, Samuel Webb, Theo. Alexander, Jno. Gay, Maxwell Linton, Mrs. M. Linton, Jno. McMullen, Thomas Rowland, J.H. Patten, Jno. Moore, Jn. Ramsey, J. Ramsey, Jefferson Everist, Jno. S. Patten, Jno. Devonshire, B. Porter, Mrs. H. Bromwell, Dr. R.E. Bromwell, Dr. (Agt) Brown, Elisha Carson, Jno. Squier, Rev. J. Carson, Jno. Carson, Jno. Evans Haines, George Steel, Jno. Haines, George Patten, William Beatty, Ed. Trump, Robert Steel, Hugh Canisius Lenew, Sam (Colored) Steel, Hugh Lyons, And. Trump, Robert Sterrett, Jno. Steel, J. Christie, Mrs. Horner, W. Lyons, And. Thompson, H. Lyons, A. Coulson, Jes. R. Coulson, J.R. Waters, J.C. Grace, P. McNulty, P. Harris, A. Burns, R. Kelly, T. Burlin, William Dunmore, Chs. Burlin, Samuel L. Murphy, Mrs. R. Abrahams, J.W. Smith, Corn. Gardiner, Robert Smith, Corn. Heckart, J.J. Heckart, J.J. George Davison Smithson, Hen. J. Reese, A. (Colored) Preston, R. (Colored) Little, J. (Colored) Sullivan, A. (Colored) Jones, Ch. (Colored) Cornis, W. (Colored) Cox, B. (Colored) Delany, D. (Colored) Porson, C. (Colored) Little, H. (Colored) Heckart, J.J. Heckart, J.J. Heckart, J.J. Kerr McMullen, Jno. Constable, Mrs. Constable, Mrs. Hannah Boies, William H. Hall, William A. Knight, Jno. S. Whittaker, George P. Sayer, William (Colored) Allen, R. (Colored) Boies, Dr. J.S. Cornish, H. (Colored) Addison, O. Trader, J. Hawkins, M. Johnson, F. (Colored) Jackson, Wes. Taylor, S. (Colored) Taylor, J.T. (Colored) Miller, J. (Colored) Garrett, J. (Colored) Johnson, L. (Colored) Dixon, M. (Colored) Jackson, J. Jones, H. (Colored) Brown, R. (Colored) Cook, V. Jackson, M. Craig, Jno. Devinney (Wheelwright) Jackson, Mrs. M. Haines, Jos. Jackson, Jos. McGenagle, Jas. Physick, William Currier Logan, William Gorrell, Jno. Ryan, Job Ryan, Mrs. Watson, T. Wardle, Mrs. Cosgrove, E. Jackson, Ed. Smeltzer, Jac. Jackson, Phil Seeley, Eden M. Seeley, Eden M. McMullen, Jas. Smith Smith, T. Chamberlain, Dr. Burrough, Jno. Little, Mrs. Jackson, Ed. Jackson, Ed. Jackson, Abs. Jackson, Jas. Jackson, Victor Keller, Mrs. Aikin, Samuel Russell, William Jackson, A. (Store) Winchester, George Constable, Mrs. Constable, Mrs. Heckart, J.J. Gale, Samuel Reynolds, Jas. Jackson, Samuel Evans, L.H. Whitelock, Samuel Gale, George Caldwell, J. (Estate) Gillespie, M. Gorrell, George Boyd, William Gale, Samuel Gale, George Lindsey Evans, Levi H. Evans, Levi H. Coudon, Jos. Coudon, Hy. S. Coudon, Jos. Chamberlain, Henry Taylor, Theo. Bailey, Mrs. Owens, H. Owens, H. Taylor, George P. Stamp, Jno. Stamp, Jno Boyd, William Coudon, Jos. Evans, L.H. Evans, L.H. Stamp, Jno. Taylor, William Methodist Protestant Church Christie and Roman Shore and Bro. Canal Bason Run Union Hotel and Store Log Pond Lerren, Th. (Colored) ? Lerran, Pomp. (Colored) ? Bone, L.L. (Colored) ? Far. and Mech. Hotel Canal Company Lock Port Hotel Canal Company Site of Old Bridge Armstrong and Co. (Foundry) Port Deposit Armstrong and Company Stove Store Saw Mill Phila St. B. (Ferry) ? Balto. St. B (Ferry) ? Steam Ferry Hav de Gr. St. B. (Ferry) ? Store Brown, E. (School House) Franklin School House Hawkinsville Episcopal Parsonage Colored Methodist Church Mt. Ararat Malcolm, P. and Co. (Grist and Saw Mill) Gurleytown St. Mark Episcopal Church Patterson, C. Hotel McMutten, J. (Hotel) Owens (Wright Store) Perry School House Methodist Church Asbury Blacksmith Shop Taylor and Cosgrove (Store) Rail Road Company Perry Point Mill Creek Grist and Saw Mill Hotel Indepent School House Principio Methodist Church Rail Road Station Principio Principio Creek Grist and Saw Mill Shoemaker Colored Methodist Church H, William ? Verdoia ? R.H. Hotel B.W. and B.B.H Company Hohn, A. (Store) Rail Road Steam Ferry Store