The Beneath the Underground project makes some rare texts in the Maryland State Archives' collection available in an electronic format. These texts include rare books and reprinted archival material.

Overview: Aimed primarily at students and their teachers, the 40-page booklet provides an overview of slavery and its legacy in Maryland from its beginnings in the 17th century to the present day.

Overview: Still recorded the stories of large numbers of escaped slaves in his classic text. Many of them escaped from Maryland.

Overview: An Index to the Freedom Records of Prince George's County, Maryland, 1808-1869

Overview: The three-hundred and sixty-sixth volume of the Archives of Maryland series was prepared under the authority of the General Assembly by L. Allison Wilmer, J. H. Jarrett and Geo. W. F. Vernon in 1899. The Archives of Maryland edition was published in 2001 by the Maryland State Archives. This volume covers sailors and marines as well as the Colored Troops.

Overview: The Slave Statistics consist of lists of slaves owned as of 1 November 1864, the date when the Constitution of 1864, which abolished slavery in Maryland, took effect. In the hope that the federal government would compensate former slaveholders, the General Assembly in 1867 authorized the compilation of records to establish slave ownership and the value of slave property.