Return to Maryland, Return to Home

In the 1870’s Douglass settled in Washington, DC. During this time, Douglass was invited to speak before audiences of his brethren in Maryland. He was often invited to speak at black churches in Baltimore. In 1874, Douglass visited the town of Annapolis where he visited the Maryland State House and an A.M.E. Church. Douglass also visited his hometown at Tuckahoe Neck in Talbot County. Newspapers of the time reported on his interest in potentially purchasing a home on the Eastern Shore.


Powerful Recitation in Annapolis

In 1874, Douglass visited the town of Annapolis where he was hosted by Thomas Young, a steward at the United State Naval Academy. During his visit Douglass made stops at the Maryland State House and an A.M.E. Church. While at the State House, Mr. Douglass recited George Washington’s resignation of his commission.


Newspaper Tribute at Death

This clipping of an article regarding the death of Frederick Douglass was inserted in Henrietta L. Anthony’s copy of My Bondage and My Freedom.


Article in Baltimore American & Commerical Advertiser circa 1895

State Recognition

On February 15, 2020 a statue of Frederick Douglass was unveiled by Governor Larry Hogan and the Maryland General Assembly. The statue, which was unveiled along with a statue of Harriet Tubman, recognizes the contributions of Maryland's African American figures to the legacy of the state.


Regarding Returning Home...

When one has advanced far in the journey of life, when he has seen and traveled over much of this great world, and has had many and strange experiences of shadow and sunshine, when long distances of time and space have come between him and his point of departure, it is natural that his thoughts should return to the place of his beginning, and that he should be seized with a strong desire to revisit the scenes of his early recollection, and live over in memory the incidents of his childhood.