Blacks in Annapolis is only one of several historical studies related to the experience of Maryland’s African American citizens. The following links take you to other significant projects the Maryland State Archives Legacy of Slavery research staff has explored.
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On May 14, 2007, the Annapolis City Council approved a resolution expressing regret for the municipal government's involvement in the institution of slavery entitled:

"Expressing the City Council's Profound Regret for Role of the Municipal Government in Maintaining and Supporting the Practice of Slavery."

Click to view PDF of the legislation.
The Study of the Legacy of Slavery in Maryland
The Study of the Legacy of Slavery in Maryland Program seeks to preserve and promote the vast universe of experiences that have shaped the lives of Maryland's African American population.

Beneath the Underground Railroad in Maryland
The Underground Railroad, as traditionally understood, was a loose organization of abolitionists, anti-slavery societies, and vigilance committees based in the Northern states that provided aid to escaped slaves once they had escaped the Southern slave states.

Judge Lynch's Court
Mob Justice in Maryland During the Age of Jim Crow, 1860s - 1930s

In the Aftermath of Glory
African American Soldiers & Sailors from Annapolis Maryland, 1863-1918.

Guide to History of Slavery in Maryland
The publication is designed to help high school and college teachers guide their students in an understanding of the institution of slavery and the important role that it has played in the history of the state, from its earliest days to the present.

Bowie Project
The Belair-at-Bowie Flight to Freedom research project endeavors to provide a fundamental research methodology and substantive source website use by the general public.