From a list of lynchings known to have taken place in various Maryland counties between the 1860s and the 1930s, the names listed below uncover and document the events as recorded in the press. When at all available, the local press was used, moving out to the more regional presses only as a fallback option. The dates listed for each lynching incident are fairly accurate (+/- 10 to 12 weeks). Most of the newspapers used are weeklies, so where date inaccuracy exists it should not pose a major problem to research.

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Prior to 1870

David Thomas
Jim Wilson
Thomas Juricks


John Simms
John Henry Scott
Michael Green
James Carroll
John Diggs
(Unknown) Simms
George Briscoe
Hezekiah Brown
Townshend Cook
Howard Cooper
Nicholas Snowden
Charles Whitley
David Johnson
Benjamin Hance
John H. Biggus
Joe Vermillion


Asbury Green
James Taylor
Isaac Kemp
Stephen Williams
Jacob Henson
Marshall Price
James Bowens
Joseph Cocking
Sidney Randolph
William Andrews
Garfield King
Wright Smith
Lewis Harris
Edd Watson
Henry Davis
James Reed
William Burns


King Johnson
Matt Williams
George Armwood