This program seeks to preserve and promote the vast universe of experiences that have shaped the lives of Maryland's African American population. From the day that Mathias de Sousa and Francisco landed in St. Mary's county aboard the Ark and the Dove in 1634, Black Marylanders have made significant contributions to both the state and nation in the political, economic, agricultural, legal, and domestic arenas. Despite what often seemed like insurmountable odds, Marylanders of Color have adapted, evolved, and prevailed. The Maryland State Archives' Study of the Legacy of Slavery Staff invites researchers to explore all of these elements and more within its numerous source documents, exhibits and interactive online presentations.

Auxiliary Sites

Highlights specific collections of materials which provide launching points for in-depth study. For example, a Prince George's County Maryland resident wishing to research their genealogy may decide to explore Volume 365, Searching for Ancestors Who Were Slaves: An Index to the Freedom Records of Prince George's County Maryland, 1808-1869. An individual wishing to explore the Underground Railroad may want to pass through Beneath the Underground Railroad in Maryland, Flight to Freedom, Stories of Flight, Interactive Maps, and Runaway Slave Advertisements. In addition, Legacy of Slavery Research Presentations offer the experienced and novice historian a glance at some of the topics our own Legacy of Slavery staff have broached in seeking to further examine African American life in Maryland.

 Belair at Bowie: Flight to Fredom
The information contained within is illustrative of the complexities of enslavement as it existed in this Prince George's County community between 1830 and 1860.

 Blacks in Annapolis
Blacks in Annapolis seeks to explore the lives of native born, immigrant enslaved, and free blacks who contributed to over three hundred years of Annapolis history.

 Judge Lynch's Court
Mob Justice in Maryland During the Age of Jim Crow, 1860s - 1930s

 Volume 365
Searching for Ancestors Who Were Slaves: An Index to the Freedom Records of Prince George's County Maryland, 1808-1869.

 Volume 366
History and Roster of Maryland Volunteers War of 1861-5 Volume 2. This volume covers sailors, marines and colored troops.

 Volume 369
Slave Statistics of St. Mary's County Maryland 1864. The Slave Statistics consist of lists of slaves owned as of 1 November 1864, the date when the Constitution of 1864, which abolished slavery in Maryland.

 William Still's Underground Railroad
William Still's stories of Maryland's escaped slaves

Legacy of Slavery Research Presentations

 African American Landowners in Maryland
Presented by Millington Lockwood

 Calender of Maryland's African American History
Presented by John Gartrell

 Learning from the Past
Presentd by Kara Carter

 Rebel Women On and Off the Plantation
Presented by Maya Davis

Maryland Resolutions of Apology for Slavery

2007 House HJ 4
2007 Senate SJ 6
2007 Annapolis City Council