Case studies are the center of the Legacy of Slavery. Studies are a summary of available runaway ads, court documents, census data, and published material from the Antebellum Maryland Community with a connection to slavery.

Each case study is a summary of records & published material on an individual.

Regiments of the United States Army. USCT history remains a fascinating topic as it marked a turning point within the country during the Civil War.
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During the invasion slaves escaped or were taken by British troops. Some worked the ships, became soldiers, or migrated.
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Free and manumitted black Marylanders who settled in Liberia.
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Blacks in Annapolis

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Blacks in Annapolis explores the lives of native born, immigrant enslaved, and free blacks who contributed to over three hundred years of Annapolis history.

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Judge Lynch's Court

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Mob Justice in Maryland During the Age of Jim Crow, 1860s - 1930s

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Belair at Bowie

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Belair-at-Bowie Flight to Freedom research project illustrates the complexities and legacy of enslavement in this Prince George's County community.

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