Census Data

African Americans in Maryland Census Data from the University of Virginia Historical Censor Browser.
icon Maryland Census Data 1790-1880
icon Dorchester County Slave Purchasers, 1823-1836

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Documents & Electronic Texts

Classroom packets designed for use by teachers and students. Rare books and reprinted archival material available in an electronic format.
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Maryland Law

Maryland Law

Legal backing for those working to keep or apprehend slaves. The laws attempted to make escape more difficult by punishing those who helped a slave escape.
icon History of Runaway Laws


Additional Resources

A site devoted to researching African Ancestry in the Americas and to genealogical research and resources.

Allegany County African American History

Banneker-Douglass Museum

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

Cornell University: Freedom on the Move

Maryland Historical Society

National Geographic Underground Railroad site.
A site targeted for younger audiences.

National Register Underground Railroad Travel Itinerary

National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program

Pathways to Freedom: Maryland and the Underground Railroad
A site devoted to the Underground Railroad in Maryland by Maryland Public Television.
It includes many interactive activities and teaching resources on the Underground Railroad.

Reginald F. Lewis Museum

Slaves and Free African Americans, Reports and opinions from the newspapers of Hagerstown, Washington County, and Cumberland, Allegany County, Maryland, 1790 to 1864

St. Mary's Manor

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries
Documenting the American South: North American Slave Narratives

An exceptional site with electronic copies of narratives recorded from former slaves.

Whispers of Angels: A Story of the Underground Railroad