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African Americans in Maryland Census Data from the University of Virginia Historical Censor Browser.

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Classroom packets designed for use by teachers and students. Rare books and reprinted archival material available in an electronic format.
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Maryland Law

Maryland Law

Legal backing for those working to keep or apprehend slaves. The laws attempted to make escape more difficult by punishing those who helped a slave escape.

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Archives Resources


African American History Resources

Primary and secondary source materials housed at the Maryland State Archives for study. These finding aids catalog various series of slavery related records such as Certificates of Freedom and Manumissions.

Guide to Researching African American Families

African American Resources

Freedom Records of Prince George's County

Frequently Asked Questions

Guide to Ethnic Research in Maryland

Guide to History of Slavery in Maryland

Rededication of the Martin Luther King, Jr.

USCT Special Collection

War of 1812


Auxiliary Sites

Highlights specific collections of materials which provide launching points for in-depth study. In addition, Legacy of Slavery Research Presentations offer the experienced and novice historian a glance at some of the topics our own Legacy of Slavery staff have broached in seeking to further examine African American life in Maryland.



This list contains a selection of works we have found helpful in our study of the Underground Railroad. It is a working bibliography, and more sources will be added as the project progresses. A Working Bibliography for Beneath the Underground: The Flight to Freedom



The Beneath the Underground Project has been made possible due grants from the National Park Service and the Department of Education. The Maryland State Archives thanks them for their past, present, and continuing support.


Historical Essays

To understand how the underground railroad functioned in antebellum Maryland, a slave state, it is important to examine the daily surroundings, communities, and activities of the slave population. View Historical Essays


Slavery Commission

Series of volumes in the Archives of Maryland website relating to the history of slavery in Maryland. View Slavery Commission Webpages