Beneath the Underground: The Flight to Freedom. Icons used in advertisements for runaway slaves by the Planter's Advocate (P.G. Co., ca. 1850s)
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  • Anne Arundel County District 4
    Simon J. Martenet, Map of Anne Arundel County, 1860, Library of Congress, MSA SC 1213-1-117

    Simon J. Martenet, Map of Anne Arundel County, 1860, Library of Congress, MSA SC 1213-1-117
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G. Jacob & Bealmear (P.O. & Store) The Grove, G. Wells Sulpher Spring Methodist Church Savage Switch School House No. 24 Broad Branch Creek Hotel Baltimore & Washington Rail Road Annapolis & Elk Ridge Rail Road Annapolis & Elk Ridge Rail Road Patuxent Forge Little Patuxent Little Patuxent Towsers Branch Creek Acquia Creek Rail Road Blacksmith Shop at Pierceland Colored Methodist Church Severn Run Severn Run Rogue Harbor Branch