Beneath the Underground: The Flight to Freedom. Icons used in advertisements for runaway slaves by the Planter's Advocate (P.G. Co., ca. 1850s)
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  • Cecil County District 1
    Simon J. Martenet, Map of Cecil County, 1858, Library of Congress, MSA SC 1213-1-462

    Simon J. Martenet, Map of Cecil County, 1858, Library of Congress, MSA SC 1213-1-462
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    Ward, Thomas V. Ford, Mrs. M. Ford, Mrs. M. Ford, Mrs. M. Roberts, Dr. Reed, Jno. Pennington, Noble Knight, William Makirk, P. (Colored) Pennington, Noble Harris, Jno. Cazier, Henry McLane, Louis (Estate) McLane, Louis (Estate) Cazier, Henry Clark, Eben Clark, Eben Cazier, Henry Cazier, Henry Clark, Eben McLane, Louis (Estate) Scott, Jas. (Colored) Lynch, Jno. W. Cazier, Henry Nowland, Alf. C. Morton, Hamilton Stutts, David Price, William Caulk, Alf. D. Thomas, E. Lockwood, R. Lockwood, R. Lockwood, William K. Stephens, Jno. F. Caldwell, J. Maslin, J. Price, J. Bolton, J. Kirby, T. Biggs, Mrs. M.A. Flintham, Jno. M. Oldham, Geo. W. Naudain, Mrs. Ford, Thomas Davis, Geo. (of Del) Biggs, Mrs. M.A. Naudain, Mrs. Waters, Samuel Wright, Em. Davis, Jno. W. (of Del) Wilson, Fanny (Colored) Jones, Mrs. Ruth Davis, Geo. (of Del) Davis, Geo. (of Del) Van Dyck, Thomas Jones, Mrs. B. Roberts, Dr. Jones, Chris. Price, Robert Pennington, Daniel Nowland, Alf. C. Nowland, Alf. C. Clark, Eben Freeman, William Freeman, William Harris, Samuel (Colored) Biddle, S. (Heirs) Veazey (Estate) Veazey (Estate) Lewis Biddle, William Ruley, Jas. Knight, William Price, Jno. K. Knight, William Groome, Jno. C. Hughes, Hy. (Colored) Garnett, A. (Colored) Morgan, J.W. Morgan, J.W. Veazey Snether, Dav. Ruley, Jno. Money, B.M. Veazey (Estate) Craig, Jno. (Store) Stoops, Capt. B. Veazey, (Estate) Pearce, Mrs. J. Pearce, Mrs. Jul. Pearce, Capt. Pearce, Mrs. J. Rowan, Henry (of Delaware) Magill, Jos. Patterson, Alex Pearce, Andrew Morgan, J.W. Walmsley, G.T. May, Lethe. Groome, Jno. C. Groome, Jno. C. Berry, William (Colored) Lusby, Marietta Timms, William Bockius, Mrs. E. Groome, Jno. C. Hessey, Jno. Foard, Samuel B. Price, Jno. V. Timms, William Wroth, Jno. W. Morgan, J.W. Howard, William Veazey, Jno. T. Vansant, Geo.R. (Store) Veazey, Jno. T. Lusby, Ann E. Lusby, Ann E. Lloyd, Nich. P. Veazey, Jno. T. Oldham, Geo. W. Vansant, H.M. (Blacksmith) Knoak, William (Wheel Maker) Jones, W. Price, Mrs. Ann B. Benson, J.H. Lusby, J.H. Justice, Jas. Veazey, Jno. T. Potter, Mrs. Mary Duhamel, R.J. Price, Jas. Price, J.B. (Wheel Wright) Lusby, Mrs. M.B. Taylor, Thomas (Blacksmith) Thompson, E. Tippett, S. (Store) Knight, William Hessey, William Knight, William Ward, Thomas V. Ward, T.V. Norris, William (Wheelwright) Taylor, Thomas (Blacksmith) Hague, William (Wheel Wright) Vansant, F.A. (Store and Tavern) Ward, T.V. Nowland, Alf. C. Nowland, Alf. C. Ward, Thomas V. Forman, T.M. (Estate) Forman, T.M. (Estate) Husfelt, Jno. Husfelt, Jno. Eldridge, Jos. Eldridge, Jos. Reybold (of Del) Reybold, Ant. (of Del) Reybold, Ant. (of Del) Stuart (of Baltimore) Cunningham, Jno. F. (of Del) Forman, Gen. Thomas (Estate) Fisher, Sidney G. Young, Major (of Del) Knight, William Weeks, Mrs. A. Ferguson, Edd. Price, William Price, Lewis Jervis, Jas. Hall, James Crookshank & Mitchell Whitelock, S. Hall, Jas. Williams, Gr. W. King, Francis Eldridge, Grif. M. Crookshank, E.B. Whitelock, S. Whitelock, S. Etherington, A.E. Crookshank, Thomas C. Lusby, Mrs. Mary Lusby, Mrs. Mary Price, Thomas Davis, Geo. (of Del) Davis, Geo. (of Del) Ginn, Jno. Johns, Arthur Ginn, Jno. Ginn, Jno. Wilson, William Ginn, Jno. Ginn, Jno. Wilson, William Wilson, William Ginn, Jno. Ginn, Jno. Ginn, Jno. Flintham, Jno. M. Price, Mrs. Perkins, Dr. Garrison, N. Price, Mrs. Davis, Jno. W. (of Del) Hill, Robert Davis, Geo. (of Del) Davis, Jno. W. (of Del) Hayes, Jno. Price, Thomas Young, Jos. (Colored) Davis, Geo. (of Del) Davis, Geo. (of Del) Slaughter, I. Myers, William Freeman, B. Hall, J. (Colored) Sisco, C. (Colored) Thompson, M. (Colored) Bide, F. (Colored) Ginn, Mrs. L. Myers, William (Blacksmith) Price, L. Sanders, C.B. (Cabinet Maker) Stephens Semans, Richard Jones, Jno. W. Jones, Thomas Ethnington, William Knight, William Biggs, Jas. Semans, Richard Lusby, Mrs. M.C. Van Dyck, Thomas Jervis, Davis Crookshanks, Thomas C. Hessey Freeman, William Piner, Jno. (Colored) Price, J. (Store) Ordinary Point Grove Point Pond Creek Cranberry Fishery Grove Neck Beach Fishery Grove Point Fishery Ordinary Point Creek Old Town Cassidav's Landing Grove Neck School Pond Neck Pearce's Creek Captian Joluis Creek Pearce's Neck Methodist Church Veazey Fishery Ford's Landing Veazey's Cove Veazey's Neck St. Stephan Church Society Jamison's School House John Town St. Stephens Episcopal Church Renson, J.H. (Store) Queen's Point Back Creek Forman's Creek Cox's Creek Knight's Island Craig's Creek Fredericktown Grist Mill Pig Point Deep Point Judge Point Sassafras Neck Cecilton Colored Methodist Church Sytras ? Hack's Point Bohemia Ferry Freeman, William (Grist and Saw Mill) Scotchman's Creek Coppin Creek Hall's Neck Point ? Cash Corner Little Bohemia St. Franc Xavier Church Duffy's Creek Kenned, Ja ? (Grist and Saw Mill) Morton, B. Jr. ? (Brick Yard) St. Franc Xavier Catholic Church St. Franc Xavier Church St. Franc Xavier Church St. Franc Xavier Church St. Franc Xavier Church St. Franc Xavier Church Warwick School House Hotel Post Office and Store Store Warwick Calc, Ino. ? Step, F. Fn. ? McGro, Jn. ? Mo, William ? Head of Sassafras Sassafras River Chesapeake Bay Hayes, S. (School House) Macsh Fishery ?