Beneath the Underground: The Flight to Freedom. Icons used in advertisements for runaway slaves by the Planter's Advocate (P.G. Co., ca. 1850s)
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  • Cecil County District 4
    Simon J. Martenet, Map of Cecil County, 1858, Library of Congress, MSA SC 1213-1-462

    Simon J. Martenet, Map of Cecil County, 1858, Library of Congress, MSA SC 1213-1-462
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    Biles, William B. Armstrong, Walt. Kirk, Ellis P. Underwood, Chas. Ewing, Jas. Yerkes, Jonath. Moody, Jno. Tyson, Nathan Ewing, Jno. Alexander, William Moore, Gabr. Mackey, Mrs. R. Griffith, Isc. Ewing, E. Connelly, J. Jones, Mrs. E. Hughes, Miss R. (Store) McAllister, J. Gilbert, L. Worral, Mrs. Gilbert, Lewis Clement, H. Irwin, Jes. (Shoemaker) Gilbert, Sl. Enaver, Jos. Biles, William B. Biles, William B. Reynolds, Is. Steel, Alex. Biles, J.L. Raynolds, Israel Biles, Jno. L. Biles, Ch. Biles, Chs. Donnelly, S. (Store) Ewing, Hy. Shears, D.M. Biles, Chs. Gatchell, Hy. Gatchell, Hy. Jackson, William (Shoemaker) Sherrer, Daniel Mullin, Geo. Gallagher Mackey, Jno. Lair, William Mackey, Jos. Mackey, Mrs. C. Morrison, Jno. McCleary, Jno. McCleary, Jno. Hargan, E. Fisher, Dav. Mackey, Jno. Mackey, J. Mackey, J. Houlton (wheelwright) Borland, M. Thompson, Jno. Borland, N. (Blacksmith) Reeder, Dav. (Tailor) Tunison, L.C. Brockaw, C.C. Tunison, Jno. McCreet, Daniel Murphy, D. Alkin, N.D. Sutton, Mrs. Jackson, M. Russell, A.M. (Shoemaker) Jackson, Mrs. Collins, D. (Store) Alkinson, N.D. Collins, Dav. Scott, Robert Kimble, Hy. Sentman, Lawr. Jackson, And. Finley, T. Hill, Jas. &  Alex Phillips, Issac Sentman, M. (Cabinet Maker) Hill, J. & A. (Lime Kiln) Anderson Hill, Alex Garrett, Mrs. A. Finley, Thomas Johnson, Geo. Finley, Thomas Chambers, Jno. Scott, Dav. Alden, Mrs. Chambers, Richard Alexander, Jos. Alexander, Geo. Drennen, Garrett Kirkwood, William Peterson Garrett, Thomas Singles, Benj. Blake, Amos Dean Pyles, Jesse Garrett, Dav. Grant, Geo. Baldwin, Mrs. A. Matthias, J. Hossinger, Jos. Cook, J. Lamb, Ch. Garrett, Geo. Alexander, Amos Cummings, Thomas Fulton, Geo. Baynes, Jno. Simmons, Richard Strahorn, Jonath. Strahorn, Thomas (Saw Mill) Carnan, William Gregg, Jas. Makan, Sarah J. Cann, Aug. Jaynes, Thomas C. Scott, W.T. & Thomas Alden, Geo. Kirk, Mrs. Bullington, Jos. Gregg, Jno. Lammey, Jno. Lammey, Jno. Abernethy, Jas. Lungren, Ferd. Alexander, Wash. McConnell, Jac. Brown, Eb. Pecry, Jno. Neals, Jno. Cann, Jno. Hall, Lewis Armstrong, William Biles, Jno. L. Rogers, Thomas McCartney, Jas. Harrigan, J. Smith, Jno. Wilson, Dav. (Colored) Hall, Geo. Wickes, Jas L. DeWitt, Abr. Lynch, Jno. DeWitt, Abr. Kingston, Jno. Henderson, D. Crawford Champion, Jas. (Colored) Griffy, B. (Colored) McCullough, Jos. (Colored) McIntyre, J. Anderson, Thomas Henderson, D. (Colored) Carter, Hy. Borland, Malth. McConnell, J. Gallagher, Mat. H. Meredith, William Levis, Norris McFadden, Alex. Sutton, Daniel Cathers, Jos. Green, Joshua Smith, A. Gatchel, J.A. Peterson, Tobias Baldwin, L. Butler, Thomas Sentman, Jonath. Lloyd, Franc. Peterson, Tob. Peterson, Tob. Roberts, Hugh Drummond, L. Hollis, E. Flounders, N. (Shoemaker) McFadden, Jos. Ferguson, Jno. Jamison, Geo. Steel, Jos. Drummond, Matthew Arbucle Tong, Thomas Kripps, William Gallagher, Jno. Scott, Alex Taylor, Jesse Underwood, Jos. Willis, Jas. K. Gallagher, Robert Lowry, J. Fulton, T. Scott, David Scott, D. Cowan, B.C. Martin, Jas. Thompson, J. Thompson, J. (of Phila.) Murray, Thomas (of Phila.) Crossmer, Jno. Taylor, Jos. Taylor, Jos. Brooks, J. Markee, Jno. Markee, J. Seeger, Reub. (Blacksmith) Jamison, William Reed, William Holloway, E. McIldoon, Thomas Feely, Jno. Scott, B. Ferry, H. Chapman, William Cowan, B.C. Cowan, Benjamin C. Smith, Jno. (Mill) Holland, Samuel McCartney, Jno. Oliver, Jos. Wilson. R Murphy, Chs. Owens, Thomas O'Donnell, Jno. Dysart, Levi Fisher Hutton, Ferg. (Blacksmith) Hess, Hen. Work, Jno. (Augur Maker) Eely, Pierce Tuft, William Scott, Thomas J. Henderson, Mrs. Schofield, Jno. B. Biddle, Rens. Scott, Thomas Jeff. Foster, William Maxwell, Samuel Duff, Thomas Dean, Richard Foard, Jas. L. Campbell, Jno. Campbell, Jno. Miller, Mrs. F. McKain, Jas. McKain, Jas. Mingling, Aar. Devinney, Jno. Foard, Jas. McDaniel, Sam. Hayes, Ann (Store) Beers, William Scott, Misses Kripps, Mrs. Sar. Montgomery, L. Taylor, Robert Smith, Levi Smith, Jno. Hasson, William C. Hasson, William C. Getty, Mrs. R.N. Hasson, William C. Markee, Jac. Carhart, L.B. Burnit, Mrs. Gray, Issac Miller, Mrs. F. Brinton, A.H. (Store) School House Methodist Church Poplar Ridge School House Pasteboard Mill Wheel Wright Shop Fairview Fairview School Blue Ball Tavern and Post Office Blue Ball Grist and Saw Mill Kirk, Caleb Ewingville Paper Mill Paper Mill Grist and Saw Mill North East Creek Carter's School House Quinn, Robert ? Church Marker ? Store Cooper Shop Cooper Shop Imms, Isaac ? Toll House Saw Mill School House Rock Presbyterian Church Marshall Post Offifce Jordan's Rock Providence Andora Elkton Andora and Lewisville Plank Road Fairhill Saxton, Justes ? (Grist and Saw Mill) School House Store Fulling Mill Run Hotel Centre School House Quarry Cherry Hill Methodist Episcopal Church Grist Mill Taylor School Bark Saw Mill Grist Mill Lord, D. (Factory) Lord, Daniel Parkes, Francis ? (Rolling Mill) Gunsmith Store Store Senlauns, John ? (Factory) Christiana Creek S, William ? Woolen Factory She, George ? Due North Line Ple, George ? Fullton, Mrs. M. Warren, Jos. ? M, Jas. ? Cowantown Mill Run