Beneath the Underground: The Flight to Freedom. Icons used in advertisements for runaway slaves by the Planter's Advocate (P.G. Co., ca. 1850s)
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  • Harford County District 1
    Jennings and Herrick, Map of Harford County, 1858, Library of Congress, MSA SC 1213-1

    Jennings and Herrick, Map of Harford County, 1858, Library of Congress, MSA SC 1213-1
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    Ward, J. T. Magness, I. A. Magness, F. Morrison, E. Morrison, M. E. Moss, J. D. Williams, Benj H., Virginia, Geo. H., Sidney E., Martha W., John S., S. May., and Mary W. (estate) Jones Martin Whitney Keath Martin Pannell, W. Mc Abe Everett Bailey Mc Abe Fulton, J. Lynch Christie Summer Edsworllen Wilson Wells, J. Miller, B. H. Griffith, J. Strickland Gray Wilson Hutton, J. M. Mitchell, J. Clay, J. M. Wilson Christian Nelson Nelson Mc Gaw, J. Gibson, Ca(illegible) Mc Gaw Oemen, Capt. Tuchtone, S. Harward Cochran Hall, T. W. Hall, W. W. R. Jones White, Mrs. Mc Henry, Mr. Wilson, Dr. Mc Henry, R. Wilson, Mrs. Morrison Hall, Mrs. Mc Henry, Ramsey Hollingsworth Grizzle, W. Hill, W. Walch, J. C. Johnson Griswell Price, W. J. Slice, R. Scart Darin Bond, S. Mc Comas, Geo. Mc Comas, H. Hall, G. W. Hall Edgerton (summer residence) Street, A. J. Zimmamon Griffin Cole Hall, T. W. Dorsey, J. H. Swartz Young, W. S. Hall, T. W. Touchtone Tobruler, T. W. Johnson Young, W. (surveyor) Caroll, B & P Dorney, W. Caler, J. Thompson Scott, O. Thompson, E. B. & W. Hulm Singleton Snow, E. P. Slade, W. M. Izenbough, J. Price, W. T. Marshall Fergerson Tipton Rouse, C. C. Hurt Scharborough, J. Stephens, J. Boyd, S. Unger, Mrs. Scott, O. Middleton Snow Robinson Johnson Taylor Howard Kenard Taylor, W. P. Howard Cochren, T. J. Jorden Rickett Trim, William P. Chisholm(e) Fergerson Dorney, Capt. A. Howard Frye, G. Jones Robinson Godwin, J. Carroll, J. Godwin Swettinu Howard, R. Murry, J. Morriss Shreck Cochell, T. J. Cochren Leger, S. Dorney, J. Dorney, J. Dove Ladwalader, Gen. L. Dove Hill Jefters, B. Wilson, R. Haines, D. W. Store Store Baptist Church McHenry's Mill Shops Winter's Run Shepherd's Mill Magnolia Mills Store and Tavern ? Iron Bed Joppat Roads Little Gunpowder P.O. Joppa Farm Magnolia Edgwood Day's Point Ford's Point