Beneath the Underground: The Flight to Freedom. Icons used in advertisements for runaway slaves by the Planter's Advocate (P.G. Co., ca. 1850s)
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  • Montgomery County District 1
    Simon J. Martenet, Martenet and Bond's Map of Montgomery County, 1865, Library of Congress, MSA SC 1213-1-464

    Simon J. Martenet, Martenet and Bond's Map of Montgomery County, 1865, Library of Congress,
               MSA SC 1213-1-464
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    Etchinson, J.W. Etchinson, P.G. Etchinson, Caroline Gray, William Griffith, Walter (Heirs) Etchinson, Mrs. R. Etchinson, Lloyd Duvall, Miss Anna Sheckels, B.S. Tyson (Chrome Pits) Etchinson, Elyah Griffith, C. Soper, William Hawkins, Thomas Penn, Jno. Fish, B. Penn, Eliza Bowman, G.W. Bell, Adam Moore, Mrs. L. Gaither (Heirs) Lemon, A.G. Moore, H.L. Snyder, J. Griffith, Ulysses Wittmore, Mrs. Mary Thompson, Th. Griffith, U. Ricord, George Price, F.M. Dorsey, S.O. Gaither, F. & A. Griffith, J. Griffith, Richard (Heirs) Griffith, M.C. Griffith, Richard (Heirs) Penn, R. Worthington, Miss L. Gaither Droyer, J. (Heirs) Grady, W. (Surveyor) Griffith, Richard Jr. Ellicott, A. Brown, Mrs. A. Gaither, Richard H. Worthington, Miss L. Magruder, J.F.D. Brown, Alf (Residence and Saw Mill) Worthington, Miss L. Kinsey, Jno. Gartrell, Bushrod Whiteside, Chas. Davis, Nun Bradford, T. Elms, Mrs. C. Cooms, J.R. Brown, Joshua Hobbs, Mrs. M. Worrell, H. Brown, Josh Brown, Uriah Landsdale, Thomas Brown, J.H. Riggs, Elisha Dwyer, James Glagett, William Gartrell, Nicholas Brown, William Gartrell, William Brown, Miss C. Brown, M. Brown, J.H. Leizar, Th. William Brown Griffith, Jno. Davis, A.B. Davis, A.B. Holland, J.T. Pierce, E. Clark, W. Riggs, Th. Riggs, Remus Hutton, Revd. C. (Seminary) Gaither, W.B. (Mill) Holland, Miss S. Holland, Miss E. Jaimey, S.A. Ellicott, Samuel Lea, Miss Martha & Sisters Lea, Thos. Hartshorne, Isaac Lea, Thos. (Residence) Nicholson, G.W. Wilcoxon, Mrs. Owen, Ed. W. Gartrell, Mrs. R. Weers Shaw, William Shaw, Nathan Gaither, T.D. Owen, Ed W. Gardner, John Magruder, Dr. Grooms, Frank Howard, Brice W. Hall, E.J. Magruder, Dr. William Jones, Gustavus Gardner, Jos. Rigg, Samuel Riggs, Samuel Griffith, E.R. Sellman, Jno. A. Griffith, E.R. Adam (Heirs) Fisher, Chas. Lake, Peter Darby, Jno. N. Pope, G. Darby, William A. Riggs, Geo. S. Barber, Lewis Gue, Jos. Warfield, L.G. Crawford, Dr. B.B. Warthen, L.T. Grifith, U.H. Houch, Edw. Houck, Edw. Belt, F.L. Layton, Jno. L. Riggs, S. Mobley, G. Droyer, Richard Lawton (Saddler Shop) Pugh, Dav. L. Fisher, Chas Duley, Wesley Dorsey, Thos. Magruder, W. Ayton, B.G. Magruder Holland, J.C. Duley, Jonathan Magruder, Z. Holland, Mrs. Ellen Pugh, D.L. Williams, James Ward Talbott, William M. (Residence) Gartrell, G. Darby, Mrs. Worthington, Th. Griffith Veiten, Fletcher Griffith, Mrs. Susan Riggs, Jno. A. Stabler, Jas. Stabler, Jno. Stabler, H. Stabler, Th. P. Stabler, Jno. Chichester, Wash. Bnoie, Washn. Barnester, William Cole, Samuel (Colored) White, Samuel Barnester, Jas. F. Barnester, J.D. Ownes, E.W. Thompson, W. Jones, Josiah Brooke, Chas. Waters, L.W. Magruder, Dr. William E. Young, R. Hallowell, B.H. Kirck, Richard (Seminary) Harris, A.W. Waters, Z.D. Waters, Ignatius Newlins, A. (Mill) Wier (Grist Mill) Howard, Dr. F. Stabler, H.S. Cashell, Hazel B. Bowie, th. Jno. L. Robinson, Mrs. Talbott, W.M. Griffith, Th. Muncaster Waters, G.T. Cooke, N. Magruder, Z. Doyle, William Thompson, H. Waters, Z. Blunt, A. Jones, Richard Pugh, Misses Blunt, H.W. Jones, S.O. Griffith, H. Steward, Mrs. Riggs, R.D. (Residence) Comphert, Mrs. H.D. Waters, Mrs. C. Thompson, William Waters, Dr. W. Dorsey, Remus G. Weaver, Phil Dorsey, Josh W. Thompson, William of R. Wilcoxen, Miss E. Thompson, William Plummer, R.S. Plummer, R. Dickinson, N.C. Dorsey, Joshua Day, Washn. Riggs, Geo. S. Bowman, Uriah Lancaster, A. Thompson, Misses H.S. Bean, Jno. Cook-Sen, Nathan Day, Jacob Mills, J. Saffell, Chas. S. Bowman, F. Selby Cooke, N. Sr. Mills, J.W. Snyder, Remus (Mill and Residence) Grays, Jno. Snyder, A. Cooke, H.D. Reid, William Cooke, Henry D. Cooke, W.A. Walker, N. Cooke, N. Jr. Tayloe, R.O. Orme, J. Hughs, Mrs. Gloyds, William Beall, Jas. Gloyd, Samuel Thompson, Jno. Methodist Episcopal Church School House Blacksmith Shop 624 Fort Ab. T. 46 Fort Ab. T. ? Saw and Grist Mill Saw and Grist Mill 420 Fort A.T. Z. Talbott School House Goshen Methodist Episcopal Church Mill Store Mill 375 Fort A.T. 582 ? 308 Fort Ab Title ? Saw Mill School House 452 Fort A.T. ? Blacksmith Shop 615 Fort A.T. Store Barby, Elizabeth Catholic Church Blacksmith Shop School House Episcopal Church Girffith, Th. ? Saw and Grist Mill School House Shoe Store Methodist Protestant Church School House Luther ?Howard, Enoch George Church Blacksmith Shop Store Blacksmith Shop 315 Fort A.T. ? Adam Blacksmith Shop Saw Mill Ck, N. ? Cy. Nicole ? Goshen Branch Cabin Branch Whetstone Branch Thompson, M.C. ? Gaithersburg  Goshen Cracklintown or Laytonsville P.O. Unity P.O. Whites Branch Hawking's River Triadelphia P.O. Green's Bridge Blacksmith and Wheelwright Shop Cattle Scales Weeler Factory Brighton Stabler, George Brighton's Store Brookeville P.O. Reddy Branch Blacksmith Shop Olney P.O. or Mechanicsville Blacks and Wheelwright Shop Toll Gate School House Hibatts (Store and P.O.) Flarr, Mrs. S.B. ? Episcopal Church Saw and Grist Mill Blacksmith Shop Gold Mines Prather, Rezin Josemin Jess Tyler, Robert Susan