Beneath the Underground: The Flight to Freedom. Icons used in advertisements for runaway slaves by the Planter's Advocate (P.G. Co., ca. 1850s)
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    Diagram of names on the walls of the Edmonson House
    Wall between the windows - Click on link to view image of signature.
            S. Jones  
        Carry Cobb
    North Carolina
    Caswell Stone County
    July 15, 1835
    George H. Evans
    Port Gibson
    WINDOW Wm Burney
    Lion (?) County, Florida
    Celler (?) Hewitt
    James C. Chiles
    Georgia Upson County
    Nov the 15 1835
    Miss A. Jones(?)
      Isaac Moores WINDOW
          S. Jones illegible name  
          T.  G. Cooper    

    Back wall
    Willam B. Hutson was bled on the 1st day of April 1806
     and the said Hutson was drunks at the time

    William Burney

    Right hand wall

    cuonots(?) and all the xxxx May 9 1836 Sophiah Lecompte Algernon T. (?) Harper
    Algernon T.(?) Harper
    L. Jones Baltimore S. Jones John R. Brxxxxtlong WilliamLynes  
    Dorchester county xxxx     Henry B. Lecompte   Algernon Harper James C. Chiles
    Nov the 28 1835 Upson County
    Abbellcon(?) DOOR
      Thomas B. Davenport at the Book       Thos. W. Overly Thos. W. Overley Virginia Alexander L. Long
    August [] 1835
        John D. Moore
      William Gootie     S. Jones  
    William Gootie   Algernon Harper at the Book 1837 The rose is red the violets blew
    xxx is sweet and saw is you
    I am sure as the grape grows on the vine
    I will be yours if you will be mine
    (Major Hewitt)?
    Dec the 23 1835
        J. XX Smith (?) Illegible  
    John or Jesse(?) Dean       S. Jones Eastern
    Shore State of
    Thos W. Abel(?)   Richard Ward?  
            Ed Eddie      

    Wall adjacent to door

    Outside room:  R. W. B. 1st Freight Tennesse
    Unknown location: August 6th 1836 S. Jones Baltimore

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